Reviewing the Performance of your Business

Your annual accounts are an opportunity for you to review the performance of your business, to reflect on the year just ended and help you to look forward to the year to come. These accounts are also a tool for calculating your tax liabilities, so they need to be properly prepared in order to pass Inland Revenue scrutiny, and company accounts must comply with Company Law.

We review the annual accounts to ensure that you have taken advantage of all available opportunities to reduce your tax liability, as well as ensuring that you meet all deadlines and avoid penalties.

Our accounting and reporting services include:

  • Preparation of statutory financial statements for companies
  • Preparation of annual accounts for unincorporated businesses
  • Preparation and interpretation of periodic management accounts
  • Preparation of financial forecasts including cash flow and profit projections
  • Providing financial expertise to companies at board level
  • Advising on accounting systems and software

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