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Journey of KBM

KBM was established in 1987 as an accountancy practice offering quality business and accountancy solutions to owner managed businesses in London and surrounding areas.

Since inception, KBM has continuously raised the bar of its vision, expertise and technology to keep it abreast with the ever changing market trends.

KBM has a prime objective to expand its business through acquisitions of other accountancy practices, parallel with organic growth over the years.

Subsequently, KBM is expanding its presence in the UK market by establishing offices in various cities. In 2009, it acquired R.J. Blow & Company in Luton and integrated it into the KBM Group to further fortify its UK client base. The Luton operation has now been titled as “KBM R.J. Blow & Company Certified Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors".

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Our core business is providing a professional, personal, high value solution to your day-to-day accounting needs. We use our qualifications and experience not only to complete this work quickly and accurately, but we also use initiative to identify problems and opportunities. Learn more

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